The more than 350 short-term rental apartments provide housekeeping services on par with what hotels offer


Due to the pricing competition among Airbnb hosts, you can potentially wind up saving money


After every cleaning operation, a complimentary damage report is given

One-Stop Airbnb Cleaning Service Waitara

Waitara is a charming suburb nestled in the vibrant Upper North Shore region of Sydney, Australia. Located approximately 22 kilometers north of the city’s central business district, Waitara offers a tranquil residential environment with convenient access to a range of amenities.

This bustling city core expertly combines the benefits of living in a contemporary metropolis with the allure of having a more traditional town atmosphere.We replenish supplies as required in addition to cleaning Airbnbs to the level of cleanliness expected in a hotel.

Bedroom Cleaning

All of the following are required: dusting, floor maintenance, inside and outside closet maintenance, surface sanitation, and floor preservation.

Bathroom Cleaning

Make sure the glassware, mirrors, sink, and toilet in the shower are spotless. As required, the bath mat and hand towel should be replaced.  Fresh rolls of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and body wash should be placed in the dispensers. Install more fresh food dispensers.

Kitchen Cleaning

Along with the stove and oven, clean the cupboards, microwave, sink, and backsplash. A spot cleaner has to be used to clean the kitchen cabinet. Cleaning is required for the oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Check the tea towel to see whether it needs to be changed before you go and go for more supplies.

Linen Change

The set’s pillows, blanket, and sheets all have new designs in addition to the sheets themselves. Before changing towels, be sure the appropriate length of time has passed.


You may reduce the number of germs on items like TV remote controls, light switches, door knobs, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, and other objects by cleaning them with chemicals.

Free Damage Report

After the final guest has left, we’ll inspect the property to see if there are any maintenance issues. If we find any damage that requires the property owner to take action, we will file a damage report with images.


The following is a summary of the most frequent enquiries we get about our cleaning services for Airbnb. Do you have any concerns that this post didn’t address? If so, do get in touch with us right away.


Will background checks be performed on the cleaning staff?

Yes, all of our cleaners must successfully complete background checks before starting work. Most housekeepers get further instruction on how to deal with children.


How long does it take for a turnaround?

A cleaning staff should need 90 minutes to do a basic clean in a three-bedroom residence between guests.


What Regions Do You Cover?

We take pride in offering a range of suburbs in the Waitara region. Our services are available to anyone living in Wahroonga, Hornsby Heights, Normanhurst.


How Often Should You Clean All Surfaces?

Depending on how long you are renting the house for, deep cleaning could be done twice or three times a year. This is where the cleaning service could be able to assist you.


What Services Are Offered by Airbnb Cleaners?

We’ll clean your home the same day your visitors check out so that it may be ready for the next booking as soon as possible. We record the times the cleaners arrive and depart to ensure maximum efficiency. After cleaning, we take pictures of each spot to document the completion of each activity.